Our Community

Our Community

We like to say our family was the original Warrior family, and our community in Minnesota was really who began Warrior Wagons. Many people came together to support our family through fundraisers, meal trains, childcare, and prayer. Each part of a Warrior Wagon was inspired by the items and gifts our family received that helped us be successful on our journey with childhood cancer.
—The Becker Family

Group smiling with their Warrior and WagonToday, Warrior Wagons continues to be a product of communities coming together to support families with a son or daughter, a brother or sister, going through treatment for cancer. In many of the same ways, a Warrior family is cared for by their own communities throughout treatment just like our family was. It is an honor to have groups and organizations, neighbors and church members, friends and family, serve new Warrior families with us. Warrior Wagons continues to grow because of the strength of our communities.

Group holding a giant checkA new community is made with every Warrior Wagon that is placed with a family. Matching Warrior Wagons connects and shares the experience of other families with a Warrior battling cancer. The Warrior Wagon is an identifier, a symbol, of a cancer Warrior at a time when a family might not even be able to say the word “cancer” yet. A certain comradery is felt between Warrior families. It is a privilege to foster this community of Warriors.

What Our Coordinators Have To Say…

Barb Trotz

“Heidi from Warrior Wagons has been very helpful, and is always quick to respond to any emails about any questions.”
—Barb Trotz

Jeff and Kayleigh Brochardt

”I loved what [the Becker family] is doing for the community and for other kids with cancer. When [they] moved to Colorado, they needed somebody to take it over and run the branch in Chicago. So [we] offered to do that for [them].”
—Jeff and Kayleigh Brochardt

Kelly and Meagan Osborne

“Warrior Wagons seemed like a good opportunity to give back to the community that was there for us during treatment.”
—Kelly and Meagan Osborne