Dominic, Age 3
B Cell Leukemia, Lurie Children’s

“Thank you for the wagon!! Seriously a life saver and full of incredibly useful and quality goodies!!”


Ellison, Age 5
B Cell Leukemia, Mayo Clinic

“Our [Warrior Wagon] has truly been one of the most amazing blessings we have received through this journey.“


Laney, Age 3
Lurie Children‘s Hospital

“Laney begs to go for a wagon ride 3-4x a day while we are here inpatient, and of course we bring all of our stuff in/out of the hospital with it too. Our wagon is the best!”


Vada, Age 3
Mayo Clinic

“Thank you WARRIOR WAGONS for this VERY thoughtful gift. You‘ve made this little warrior very, very HAPPY. The world is better because of people like you!”


Sara Stewart, MS, CCLS
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children‘s Hospital of Chicago

“[Warrior Wagons] have truly been a joy to work with and we mean it, our families LOVE their Warrior Wagons!”

Kelyn Meyer

Kelyn Meyer, Age 5
Fighting T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at Mayo Clinic

“Thank you so much for our wagon and all the goodies!! Everything has already come in so handy! My son actually doesn’t leave his wagon while at the hospital…he even does his chemo in it. Just thank you so much, it is people like you that make his rollercoaster ride do-able.”


Wyatt, Age 2
B-Cell Leukemia, Mayo Clinic

“Wyatt LOVES his wagon, and it is not only useful for wheeling around the hospital—he is totally comfortable at his appointments sitting in his wagon while getting de-accessed, or anything else! Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.”


Ryent, Age 2
ALL Leukemia, Children‘s Minnesota

“[Ryent] loves walks but with all his extra weight from steroids he has been struggling in the stroller. With the wagon he had support and we can give him more access to his snacks so he doesn‘t have to bend so much. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts from all you do.”