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Resources For Family

At Warrior Wagons Inc., we understand the immense challenges that families face when a child is diagnosed with cancer. We are committed to providing comprehensive support and resources to help you navigate this difficult journey.

Tips For Newly Diagnosed Family

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Tip 1: Take Each Day at a Time
Remind yourself that this is indeed a journey. You aren’t expected to have it all together overnight. Curing your child of cancer will take time, and each day in the meantime has it’s own set of challenges. Focus on those. What needs to be done today. Many times, simply comforting and being with your child is all you must do. And only you can do that best!

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Tip 2: Let Your Doctor be the Doctor
Your care team has years, sometimes decades of experience, that you will not be able to match from online research. When you feel yourself getting too preoccupied probing the internet, turn off your computer, put your phone down, and focus on your child. Don’t waste the gift of time with your child struggling to be their doctor.

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Tip 3: Allow People to Help You
It can be hard to accept help from those in your family and community. You don’t want to feel like you can’t do the things you used to or are now a charity case. But with your child’s new diagnosis, you will need help. However much you’d like to, you won’t be able to do it all. Acknowledging your needs to those willing to help will make your journey so much easier.

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Tip 4: Make Connections
It can be easy to feel isolated and alone as your child is being treated for cancer. But there are many resources for families to build relationships with other families going through similar situations. Find local support groups to be a part of. Make friends with other moms and dads staying with their children on the pediatric floor. Join online communities where you can ask questions and get support.

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Tip 5: Attitude is Everything
You didn’t get a choice on whether your child has cancer, but you CAN choose how you respond. A goal you should have for this journey is to have no regrets at the end, no matter what. Decide early on that you will have a positive attitude—being grateful for each day and all the many blessings in it.